3D Secure Technology

What is 3D Secure -Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode?
3D Secure protocol was developed by International payment systems Visa and MasterCard for the purpose of protection of funds of clients, who make payments via the Internet, and decreaings Internet fraud loss of banks and merchants.
Visually it looks simple:
during the transaction a special window pops up on the client’s screen to enter the password
the client enters password, which s/he received from the bank-issuer, and thus “signs” payment
nevertheless, it is not enough to have only the card number to make payment.
3D Secure protocol is called Verified by Visa in the environment of Visa and MasterCard SecureCode in the system of MasterCard.
How 3D Secure works?
After the clients enters card properties on the bank’s payment server, the bank redirects the request to Visa or MasterCard, and the payment system responses if the card supports 3D Secure:
If 3D Secure is supported, then:
client enters the password on the server of the bank-issuer
bank-issuer checks the password and send a response to AzeriCard
in case of positive responce, AzeriCard performs financial authorization (standard examination of the amount available on client’s plastic card) and write-off of the transaction amount from the card
If the card supports 3D Secure, but password check is failed, then financial authorization will not be accomplished due to unsuccessful identification of the client.
If the card does not support 3D Secure, AzeriCard sends a request to the bank-issuer for standard financial authorization on the availability of the amount on the client’s plastic card and write-off of the transaction amount, without examination of the client via password on the site of the client’s bank. It should be noted that in case the client has any claims on such a transaction, neither AzeriCard nor merchant can be held responsible and bear any financial risks on the transaction. All responsibility will be imposed on the bank which issued the card.
To activate 3D Secure on the plastic card, the cardholder needs to use either a list of onetime passwords printed out via ATM or onetime SMS password sent to his/her mobile phone (in case of active SMS Notification service on the mobile phone number) to register at www.azericard.com. During this process the cardholder creates salutation and special password. The password will be used to make transactions via the Internet, meaning that nobody except the cardholder will be able to use the card in the Internet.


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