Internet Banking

“AzeriCard” processing center introduces Internet Banking service which enables you to manage your Special Card Account online from PC without leaving your home or office. The interface and simplified scheme of working with the system give users more opportunities with account management.
With Internet Banking you can save your time by performing real-time operations on your card or current account, such as:
checking the balance of your card/current account
payment of utility bills
payment of stationary/landline communication services
payment of mobile communication services
payment of Internet
money transfers from one card to another via Kart Transfer service
creating recurrent (regular) payments.(The client enters relevant data and selects the frequency of payments. Then the system, based on the provided data, performs the payment at intervals set by the client.)
creating templates. The earlier provided data is stored by the system and the client is not required to enter data to make the payment next time.
        If the plastic card is subscribed to SMS Notification service, it will be possible to register without one-time passwords list from ATM. By choosing “Register by card number” at and entering the card number, one-time password will be sent to your mobile phone. Enter the received password into the special bar and proceed with the registration by creating a username and password.
How safe is it?
The Internet Banking system is absolutely secure and reliable, since:
all transmitted data is encrypted
users are identified with the help of electronic certificates
system uses one-time passwords valid only for the current session of the work in the system.
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