Customer Support

AzeriCard Customer Support Service is available 24 hours 7 days a week. By contacting us you can check the amount available on the card, status of the card, successful transactions or the reason of declines. You can also block your card if it is lost or stolen and contact our Service for any other query by calling our 24-hour active numbers:

Owners of the pension cards, please call 194. Now the short number 194 is also available for pension cardholders living outside Baku area and all mobile phone users. Pension cardholders living in Baku may call 194 from city stationary phones / landline at no charge (toll-free call). Azercell and Nar subscribers should dial directly 194 from their mobile phones; pension cardholders from other cities and regions of Azerbaijan as well as Bakcell users should dial 012 194. Calls to 194 and 012 194 from mobile phones and landline outside Baku area are chargeable. 

Other cardholders, please call 5984697 and 5984376 (landline). 
Merchants, please call 5984914 and 5984968 (landline).

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