SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications is the service intended for notifying the cardholder about all transactions on his/her plastic card through SMS messages. The service has many advantages and is necessary to prevent frauds with the plastic card.
The advantages of the service are:
connectivity to the service from ATM
connectivity to the service from any mobile phone number
no need to change the SIM card
no need to visit the bank or mobile operator offices
real-time information supply
no dependence on time and place for getting SMS
The service is safe to connect:
cardholder confirms connection to the service by entering PIN-code on ATM
cardholder can connect any mobile phone number to the service
to disconnect from the service, cardholder should contact the bank 
How to connect to the service:
select “SERVICES” in the ATM main menu 
enter your mobile phone number
re-enter the number
confirm the number
After all these actions are completed, the cardholder receives an SMS message confirming successful connection to the SMS Notifications service. If no message is received, the cardholder should contact the “AzeriCard” Customer Support Service.
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