“Cash by Code” through ”MobilBank” system

The first time in Azerbaijan the processing center AzeriCard offers a new service “Cash by Code” through “MobilBank”, which allows to get money from ATM without a plastic card using only mobile phone. Due to this service the plastic card owners have an opportunity to send money in any currency to persons who don’t have any plastic card or they can take cash from ATM using their “MobilBank” service. To use this service the plastic card owner enters the “MobilBank” system on his mobile, in main menu selects “Cash by Code”, selects currency, enters a sum to be transferred. The system creates a special code. The “MobilBank” user can take cash from the ATM using this code or in any convenient and safety way passes this code to the recipient. The recipient enters code at the ATM and gets money without using plastic card. This service is realized in the frame of the first time in Azerbaijan “Mobile Wallet” project carry out by AzeriCard processing company. Along with such services as utility payments, balance, statement, card block, card transfer, Cash by Code the “Mobile Wallet” project suppose goods and services payments via mobile phones in the physical point of sales. To become “MobilBank” users you can download application to your mobile phone at www.azericard.com/?p=13 or find it at Google Play and Apple Store.