IBA to launch new service for card owners

[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3]From May 1, International Bank of Azerbaijan will apply new service for plastic card owners.




Some amount of interest paid during procurement via Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa Gold will be downloaded to cards as bonus points. This service has been established by the Bank and will be realized within the framework of BonusClub joining more than 50 shops.




Chief of bank’s press service Rauf Agayev said that the main difference of bonus service from simple discount was card owners would be able to pay purchases by the bonuses.




BonusClub includes shops and trade objects such as Sabina (5% bonus), Aztime Watch (10%), Optic Gallery (15%), Nil Kitab-Kirtasiye Saray? (5%), Skylife Travel (3%), Boutique Palace hotel (10%), cake.az net cafes(3%), The Wine Gallery Mey wine shop(3%), Kenwood (10%), Mado cafe (5%), Trattoria L’Oliva restaurant (10%), Koton (3%), Pink Accessories (3%), Piacente Boutique (10%), Pierre Cardin (10%), De d’Or AS (5%), Sel Home (3%).




Note that, at present, work is carried out by the bank in direction of extending this list. Each calculated bonus is equal to AZN 1.




Agayev said that gathered bonuses maybe used only in non-cash payments. Note that, during any purchase at shops and trade objects included by BonusClub, clients must note that they want to use bonuses.




The mentioned service will not be concerned to pension, customs and business-cards.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]