The “AzeriCard” started a new point of cooperation with «AzEuroTel»

The “AzeriCard” started a new point of cooperation with «AzEuroTel». The operator of modern digital “System X” Exchange 492/497/437 «AzEuroTel» was established in 1995. The object of cooperation is the realization of some joint-projects, concerning the enlargement of client basis through giving the users of «AzEuroTel» additional payment channels. One of such projects is an opportunity to pay for «AzEuroTel» services through ATM-s, Info kiosks, Internet-banking and MobilBank. This project is already realized for ATM and Internet banking, and now «AzEuroTel» subscribers can pay for Internet, TV and city telephone communication any time. To carry out a payment it is necessary to enter a special code, which is a seven-digit telephone number (for physical persons) or an account number (for juridical persons). An account number for juridical persons you can get at «AzEuroTel». In the nearest time this payments will be available at the MobilBank and Infokiosk menu.