“Azericard” launches another unique product

Azericard, the first and the biggest processing center in Azerbaijan introduced new and unique “PIN set ATM” and “PIN Delivery Web” products eligible for customers to set PIN codes by themselves.
Cardholders can now obtain the PIN code in a text message sent by the bank, inserting their cards in the ATM machine (PIN set ATM service) without going to the bank while they could only do so at the bank via POS terminal before.
To obtain PIN code via website, one should enter official website of “Azericard”, go to “set the pincode” section, put card details (cvc2/cvv2, card expiry date), to fill in the form to set a PIN code. After these steps the customer can set a PIN code via internet (“PIN Delivery Web” service).
“Azericard” is the first processing center in Azerbaijan officially certificated by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay and JCB international payment systems. For the moment “Azericard” provides processing service to 21 banks, members of the International Payment Systems throughout Azerbaijan as well as beyond its borders.