OJSC “Muğanbank” and the processing center “AzeriCard” launched card issuance of the “Union Pay Int.” Payment system.

OJSC «Mu?anbank» is the first bank in Azerbaijan which has launched emission of “Union Pay Int” cards. The bank offers 4 types of card product: Union Pay Classic, Union Pay Gold, Union Pay Platinum v? Union Pay Diamond. Cooperation between the OJSC «Mu?anbank» and the “Union Pay Int.” will contribute to the development of cashless payments and expand the range of card products for bank’s clients.

At the moment “Union pay Int” cards are acceptable in 163 countries worldwide.

It is significant to notice that “Union Pay Int.” has become the fourth payment system along with “VISA”, “MasterCard” and “American Express”, which card issuance is supported by the “Azericard” processing center.