“Telephone Banking” – new service from AzeriCard

AzeriCard processing center presents new “Telephone Banking” service. With this service the cardholders called to the Customer Support (Call Center) will be able to get the shown below services without waiting for an operator:



• Card balance inquiry

• Card block (lost or stolen)

• Card unblock (PIN Tries)

• SMS Notification subscription and change number



One of the main advantages of the service is providing safe and fast access to block lost or stolen card in automatic mode. Additional functions like card unblock (wrong PIN tries), card balance inquiry and SMS Notification subscription and change number create maximum comfortable remote access to the card. On the next step the functionality of PIN Set and PIN Change will be added to the service. In the future the card transfer functionality will be also implemented to the service.

The phone numbers for distance service are: 194, *2273, 5984697, 5984376.