A new “Mobile Payment” service for MasterCard cardholders has been launched in Azerbaijan

The Processing Center AzeriCard together with MasterCard International, International Bank of Azerbaijan and World Telecom Company present a new “Mobile Payment” service for MasterCard cardholders. With this service cardholders can make quick and secure payments using additional point in menu of MobilBank in their mobile handsets without using the card at POS terminal.

Mobile remote payment technology is currently being launched in many European markets and now finally is accessible in Azerbaijan. This remote form of mobile purchasing fulfills the natural advantage of having a mobile phone. Mobile Payments merges any credit or debit bankcard with any major Smartphone platform (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) turning it into a virtual payment or purchasing device. The advantages of this “Mobile Payment” solution is to provide convenient and highly secure payments from mobile device, without having cash, having to carry change and wait to enter PIN or sign slips. It makes everyday life easer because of increasing control over spending through account access from mobile device and usage by expanding the places and ways cardholders can pay. On the other hand it is good opportunity to additional sales from the ability to offer Mobile to MasterCard cardholders as a payment type.

MasterCard Country Manager in Azerbaijan, Hakan Acar said “At MasterCard we believe in high potential and see areas of opportunity in the global mobile space; either directly related to payments, or also as value-added services that drive customer loyalty. We created the mobile payment service to meet the expectations of clients in all over of the world and we are happy today to present it in Azerbaijan. Thanks to the service, the cardholder may no longer carry anything besides mobile phone to make purchases while shopping or making other payments in many merchant locations. We’re excited to partner with industry pioneers here in Azerbaijan and committed to continuing to play a leadership role in the development of mobile payment technologies.”