Cash to any Card

“Cash to any card” is a service that gives an opportunity to refill card balance by means of Cash in ATM, but in contrast to standard procedure this process runs without plastic card. To refill the balance it is just needed to choose “CASH TO CARD” menu, enter twice the card number at ATM and to put cash into a special slot. The service is very comfortable, because the card balance may be refilled not only by cardholder. Now you don’t need to go to bank, just use the service at any Cash in ATM that supports this function.

Advantages of the service:

• An opportunity to refill the balance of any card, serviced in AzeriCard;

• It is not need cardholder’s presence;

• The service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week;

• Money instantly get into a card;

• The card balance may be refilled without limit